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Museum of Industry

In the centre of Ghent, close to Vrijdagmarkt, you can find the Museum of Industry in an impressive old cotton mill. Three permanent exhibitions bring the industrial past back to life.
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Practical information

Minnemeers 10, 900 Gent

Phone +32 9 323 65 00

Getting here

Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday open from 9 am to 5 pm
weekends, holidays and school holidays open from 10 am to 6 pm
every first Thursday of the month open until 10 pm

Welcome to the Museum of Industry

In the main exhibition, twelve workers and supervisors tell the story of how new inventions and special events changed their lives over the years. Explore five discovery boxes filled with vivid testimonials, iconic machines and surprising facts. Discover the spinning machine Mule Jenny and the twiner. These are the major showpieces of the Museum of Industry.

Printing department

Municipal printers, lithographers, typesetters, apprentices, graphic designers … Their stories will take you on an exciting journey through time in the printing industry, from 1750 up to the present. Can you hear the lead letters fall from the typesetting machine? Make your own minizine as you make your way through the exhibition. You will gradually learn more about type design, mixing colours and printing techniques.

100% Textiles

Discover how textile is made, from cotton to towel. With humming spinning machines, roaring looms and rattling sewing machines. Listen to the stories of entrepreneurs and workers from the textile factories of the past and get acquainted with present-day alternative materials, techniques and solutions.

Temporary exhibitions

Burn Poeders Het Wit Kruis web

BURN. From fire hazard to burn-out

from 19.11.2022 to 03.09.2023