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The World of Kina

Discovering and experiencing – that’s what museums are all about and nowhere more so than The world of Kina! Did you know that some shells weigh almost 200 kilos? Find out how a mammoth’s thighbone compares to your own. Marvel at the clever cobwebs and the busy bees... At The world of Kina you’ll discover far more than you had bargained for!
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Practical information

Sint-Pietersplein 14, 9000 Gent
Berouw 55, 9000 Gent
Phone 09 225 05 42

Getting here

Opening hours

Monday till Friday: 9.00 - 17.00
Sundays and holidays: 14 - 17.30

Closed on Saturdays
and on December 25 and 26 and January 1 and 2

for exceptions, check website

Exploring nature

The world of Kina is a nature museum for children. Here you stand open-mouthed looking at the beauty of the natural history collection. You can see the collection in a child-friendly setting with accessible scientific information. Must touch! Explore and discover in a playful way how resourceful the nature around us is.

At two locations

20180103 Huis van Kina Families Jerroen Willems WEB 056

The world of Kina: the House (Sint-Pietersplein 14)

Over the years, the collection of our very first curator Leo Michel Thiery has grown into a veritable treasure trove. Every time you turn a corner, a new discovery awaits. Minerals, fossils, insects, shells, birds and more!

20180215 Tuin van Kina gezinnen Jerroen Willems WEB 039

The world of Kina: the Garden (Berouw 55)

Dream away in Flanders’ oldest botanical garden, where you’ll find some 1,500 kinds of plants. Inside, we’ll tell you a little more about bees, spiders, plants and mushrooms. You’re also welcome to meet our live tarantulas!