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Holidays at the museum

Sunshine, art and museums: some suggestions for your perfect Ghent summer! There is plenty to do in Ghent's museums. Year round, but especially during the summer holidays. You can find some suggestions on this webpage. For more ideas and opening hours, visit the website of the museum. Enjoy your visit!
IMGL0918 web c Michiel Devijver
20240628 AV kina 26

Kina & MSK

Adventures between art and nature

From quiet seascapes to birds in bright colours, nature inspires. They also know this at De wereld van Kina (The world of Kina), the nature museum for children and young people in Ghent, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. To mark this anniversary, you can visit a special duo exhibition in both museums this summer. (Until August 31th 2024)

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20240323 GUM Wonderkamer c Martin Corlazzoli COR08889

GUM & Botanical Garden

Summer fun at the museum

Immerse yourself in the world of scientists with the family tour “Traveling in GUM,” The Wunderkammer of TRUTH and the DOUBT tour. Enjoy unique tours and exhibitions in the Botanical Garden, such as 'Botany for Gourmets,' a journey of discovery into the plants that changed the world or a tour in Ghent dialect. For the youngest visitors there is the exciting quest 'Treasures of Vlieg (Fly)', where they travel around the world and make delightful discoveries in our green science gem.

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Walk along traces of industrial Ghent© Martin Corlazzoli

Museum of Industry

Walking tour 'Traces of industrial Ghent'

Few people can imagine Ghent the way it was a hundred years ago, full of smoking factory chimneys and densely populated tenements. The flourishing industrial city of the time has left us a few gems of heritage that we can explore today. So why not take a walk to discover the amazing industrial history of the city?

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Private Passion X Public Duty.Hoet & Matthys-Colle: Through Collectors’ Eyes.

To mark the tenth anniversary of his death, Jan Hoet (1936-2014), founder of the museum, is commemorated in a special exhibition: 'Private Passion X Public Duty: Hoet & Matthys-Colle: Through Collectors’ Eyes'. (Until January 5th 2025)

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20230419 HHG Little Guide c Martin Corlazzoli COR02033

Historical Houses Ghent

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House of Alijn

The sound game - walking tour for families

Can you hear it too? The city is full of sounds! Hendrik and Poes, the museum’s ghosts, take you on a tour of Ghent. During an active tour, you will guess, make, look for and draw sounds from daily life. Warm up your voice, loosen your muscles and complete all the challenges. Can you crack the code? At the end of the walking tour, you will receive a surprise!

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20220529 STAM kinderen c Martin Corlazzoli COR08015


Children's trail through 'The story of Ghent'

Feel free to touch! A fun children's trail that leads through every room in the museum. Children become merchants, craftspeople, architects or city trippers and participate in city life. They sell cloth, make coats of arms, face façades and work out routes.

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Annelies Vrints© Annelies Vrints

Museum Dr. Guislain


Ikigai is a Japanese concept that resembles the term raison d’être. What makes life worth living? What are we searching for? Questions that can have multiple answers and are different for each one of us. Ikigai is about a personal quest, inspired by our own personal needs and those of our environment. This exhibition takes you on a journey, with the imagination of these Belgian and Japanese artists charting your course. An opportunity to explore your own ikigai. (Until September 8th 2024)

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04 HI PERS WOLF Frederik Buyckx

St. Peter's Abbey


The internationally acclaimed documentary photographer Frederik Buyckx trekked through desolate mountain landscapes, like a lone wolf. Buyckx’s photographs bear witness to an austere lifestyle, but also to an inherent sense of peace and wellbeing. His vision forms a magical link to his childhood. The exhibition is a poetic throwback to Buyckx’s youth. (Until August 18th 2024)

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