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The Ghent Museums with kids

There is a lot to experience in the Ghent Museums. Discover the permanent collections or temporary exhibitions, play a museum game or go on a tour with an audio tour or walking map.
Welcome in the factory
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Historical Houses Ghent

About people and machines© Martin Corlazzoli

Museum of Industry

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The House of Alijn

  • The sound game: a walk in Ghent's historical city centre for active families! | age 4 to 10 years
  • Museum of daily life: dress up in your Sunday best, flick through old photo albums, do a silly orange dance or take a photo together in the Photomatique.
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The world of Kina: The house

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The world of Kina: The Garden

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  • Dive into our Imaginary Museum.
  • You can come to us for the most fun-filled summer camps.
  • Every first Sunday of the month, you can get started with your (grand)children at the museum during our Art Matinee.

Museum Dr. Guislain

  • Family Course Unhinged | 6 up to10 years | At the desk you can obtain a free guide to the history of psychiatry in words and pictures, tailored to young people.


  • Look for poems and texts for children during a family route or take on the museum challenges and be inspired by the beautiful works of art.
  • Our free audio guide for families makes your museum visit an extra fun experience. The audio tour takes you along more than 50 highlights from our collection and lets you discover new insights and fun facts!
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  • Interactive DIY installations in 'The story of Ghent': market your merchandise, make your coat of arms, decorate facades and map out city trip routes | 6 up to 12 years
  • Enjoy a moment in the Bijloke Gardens. You can borrow a Kubb set or buy a Frisbee at the STAM desk.
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GUM & Botanical Garden

  • Explore the Botanical Garden or unleash your inner thinker in the new science museum
  • In the mood for a family game: PROFESSOR DOUBT is for young and less young doubters from 4 years old and the RESEARCH TOUR from 7 years old.