Museum Night Ghent

9 museums in Gent open their doors to the general public. Experience a wonderful night out amidst the finest collections, beautiful expositions and special activities of our museums and enjoy the after party in Charlatan.

Where? Design museum Gent, The World of Kina, S.M.A.K., Dr. Guislain Museum, The House of Alijn, MIAT, MSK, STAM, St Peter’s Abbey. After party in Charlatan.
When? Thursday 7 December from 6pm till 1am.
How to get there? On foot, by bike or by public transport.
What does it cost? The 9 museums are completely free, the afterparty costs 5 euros in presale, 6 euros at the door.


Discover the full programme

Design museum Gent
Jan Breydelstraat 5
Hanging out at the bar with R2-D2 and Children’s Museum Night 

Robots completely take over Design museum Gent with ‘Hello, Robot. Design Between Human and Machine’, starting for the youngest with our Children’s Museum Night from 4 pm onwards. Children can build their own Picasso robot or program a Mars rover. For the general public, we have arranged for a ‘Cosplay Meet-up’. Design museum Gent treats cosplayers to a free drink. A unique opportunity to hang out at the bar with R2-D2, the original ‘droid’ straight from the Star Wars collection of George Lucas himself.

The World of Kina
Sint-Pietersplein 14
The origin of planet Earth and life, on Kina’s attic

Kina’s World surely brings back memories of one’s youth. The collection of first curator Leo Michel Thiery has become a genuine natural treasure. Kina’s collection items show the origin of planet Earth and the evolution of life on it: minerals, fossils, insects, shells, birds... but also how human life comes into being. The exposition on relationships and sex has been appropriately set up below the attic’s red lights.

STAM - Gent City Museum
Godshuizenlaan 2
Student life at the STAM museum

Gent loves its students. The Gent City Museum ‘STAM’ shows ‘City and University. Since 1817 ‘, an exposition focussing on the mutual interaction between university and city and a celebration of student life. Write on the walls and call your mom from an old-school phone booth, relive the first seasons of ‘De Kotmadam’ and follow the students’ fanfare for a clean initiation ceremony. Besides, you cannot have a student party without a drink and a bite!

Fernand Scribedreef 1
An Pierlé and you, incidental passer-by
In the MSK museum, you’ll find – amidst our classics and newest additions – an extraordinary singer-pianist. On the occasion of Museum Night, An Pierlé will seek inspiration from art, acoustics, accidental sounds and you, passer-by in a ‘living museum’.  The MSK museum has some completely renovated museum rooms that are definitely worth your visit. 

Jan Hoetplein 1
Photo art and dance legs

Photo art is the central theme in the S.M.A.K. museum:  ‘The Photographic’ shows work from 35 international photo artists and a collection of very special party pics from the sixties. Malick Sibidé captured in his photographs how youth celebrated Mali’s independence. Now you as well can have a picture of yourself taken while dancing. How elated are you? The museum will arrange for a DJ, good beats and a photographer. No dance legs but thirsty? Come and have a drink in the S.M.A.K. café.

Dr. Guislain Museum
Jozef Guislainstraat 43
Who’s afraid of Dr. Guislain?

Fear dominates the newspapers as well as our lives. But fear also protects us from danger and can even be enjoyable or offer a source of inspiration. Look at Edvard Munch’s The Scream. The original work is exhibited in Oslo but in Museum Dr. Guislain you can create your own version. On Museum Night, you can discover everything about this instinctive emotion. People who are always struggling with the fear of missing out are absolutely right this time: the Museum Dr. Guislain is not to be missed.

The House of Alijn
Kraanlei 65
The House of Alijn is closed, yet open

The House of Alijn is temporarily closed to renovate the museum. During Museum Night, everything will take place in Gent’s cosiest inner garden, with dance floor and party hits from the nineteen seventies, eighties and nineties up to now. Curious how the new House of Alijn will look like? Come and have a peep through the spyholes! Ever heard of another museum that is open and closed at the same time?

Minnemeers 10
Meet the machine

Enter as a visitor and leave as a manufacturer. The MIAT museum is a former textile factory filled with fascinating antique textile machines and printing presses. The museum offers a unique view of our industrial history. You can join some workshops and go to the upper floor, where the machine will come straight at you, both through images and sound. 


St. Peter’s Abbey
Sint-Pietersplein 9
What is the time in St. Peter’s Abbey?

St. Peters Abbey confronts you with one simple question. A question already examined for many centuries by scientists, instrument builders, adventurers and engineers: what is the time? 
The audio guide with the voices of Sven Speybrouck and philosopher-historian Maarten Van Dyck takes you through the exposition, revealing the “petites histoires” behind this brainteasing subject. Spend about an hour of your time on this fascinating exposition



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