Museum Night Ghent

Eight museums in Gent open their doors to the general public. Experience a wonderful night out amidst the finest collections, beautiful expositions and special activities of our museums.

Where? Design Museum Gent,  S.M.A.K., Dr. Guislain Museum, The House of Alijn, Museum of Industrie, MSK, STAM, St Peter’s Abbey.
When? Thursday 6 December 2018 from 6pm till 1am.
How to get there? On foot, by bike or by public transport.
What does it cost? The 8 museums are completely free.
For the first time visitors can enjoy free public transport on all De Lijn tram and bus lines going to or in the city of Ghent from 5 pm till the end of the service!
Museum night for children? From 4 pm till 8 pm at the Museum of Industry
Afterparty? From 11pm till 6am at Charlatan, hosted by Kiss me you fool and Sundae - Tickets (5 euro) for sale at the entrance

Museum night for children
On 6 December, the Museum of Industry invites all children and their (grand)parents to an exciting Children’s Museum Night. From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., we’ll tinker, mini-weave, design buttons, decorate cards, print handkerchiefs and make a beard for Saint Nicholas together. Or would you rather use creative collective Nerdlab’s drawing machine? You can! Be sure to stop by the tattoo corner, as well, where Cotton Andy will be skilfully stamped on your arm. Then, in the cosy theatre, we’ll immerse you in an exciting cinematic experience, complete with popcorn and old, silly films. After that, you can stretch your legs in a rousing exercise session: le merengue mécanique! Stick around and enjoy the winter garden, where the smith’s fire will be blazing and the museum café, Bar Mitte, will be serving tasty treats for the youngest among us.

Expo, performance & Citadellic Jazz
On this Museum Night, the spotlight will be on photography, the S.M.A.K. collection and Raoul De Keyser. Delight especially in the poetic work by De Keyser, the grand master of Belgian painting. Enjoy the surprises offered by performance artists inspired by the artworks, and at 9 pm let the Citadelic Jazz Yelemani Trio knock you for six with their African vibes influenced by jazz, impro, rock and electronics.
Jan Hoetplein 1

Design Museum Gent
Music with added fibre!
Design Museum Gent thinks it’s time to tackle the ever-growing waste mountain, polluting company cars and the ageing population. The solution to all these problems may come from an unexpected corner: new materials. More specifically composites, which combine the flexibility and rigidity of fibres with the lightness of plastics. This exhibition features ultra-light folding scooters and lower limb prosthetics, as well as boards made from discarded textiles and sustainable tiny houses. From 20:00 until 20:45 and from 21:15 until 22:00, Jasmijn Lootens and Patrick Housen will treat you to some exhilarating grooves and smooth melodies, combining the cello with live electronics in their LOOP-e_D performance. From 10:30 onwards, you can relax during a live soundsculpting/DJ set.
Jan Breydelstraat 5

aka The Museum of Crime
Your attention please for a message from the judicial police: STAM is looking for detectives to investigate crimes. On Museum Night, numerous dubious practices will have to be recorded and suspicious individuals tracked down. Listen to the police ‘wanted notice’ and catch the suspect. Unravel ‘The mystery of the squirrel’. Make as many mugshots as you like. Battle it out in the ‘Type like a copper’ discipline. Dodgy drinks at STAMcafé and culinary copper burgers from the food truck (which was once a police can, yes really!).
Bijlokesite, Godshuizenlaan 2

St Peter’s Abbey
Lang leve de muziek! - Long live music! 60 years of Dutch songs from the Low Countries
“Lang leve de muziek!” offers you a wonderful journey through 60 years of Dutch songs from the Low Countries. A tribute to more than 200 artists and bands as part of the largest music exhibition ever in Flanders. From Will Tura to Bazart and from Boudewijn de Groot to De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. In “Lang leve de muziek!” you discover the prettiest songs, coolest stories and most memorable television fragments. Marvel at the spectacular backdrops, the collector’s items of your favourite idols and go crazy on a special mix of the hippest Dutch-speaking artists in the “sing-along hall”. Don’t miss out!
At Museum Night, DJ Bobby Ewing (Discobar Galaxie) will guarantee a unique party experience in the pop-up music bar from 9.30 pm to 1 am. He will present a one-off exclusive DJ set with only Dutch songs. Join this great party and dance the night away. Oh, and don’t forget to sing along!Sint-Pietersplein 9

House of Alijn
6 December 2018, Huis van Alijn. We're expecting a VIP! Sint Nico and his helper Tine are coming to visit the exhibition SMOKE. The pungent scent of cigars, pipes dangling from mouths, colourful cigarette billboards sprucing up the street. All familiar memories that now seem strange in the context of today’s society. The exhibition SMOKE offers an insight into the change in mentality surrounding smoking and shows how and why we have come to see the activity differently. The many selected photos, home movies and objects in the exhibition bear witness to the significance of smoking in our daily lives, both now and in the past.  18u00 – 01u00  An evening of smokey eyes, smoking hits and the cocktails that go along with them. Join us in our lounge and in the courtyard! The exhibition ROOK can be viewed in the museum. And don't forget to check out the new and improved permanent presentation! Silent Disco by Fonkel starts at 20:00: 5 hours of danceable beats provided by 3 different DJs ... Who's that coming down the chimney, children?
Kraanlei 65

The Museum of Industry
Night of the Museum of Industry
In the Museum of Industry, twelve men and women, born between 1660 and 1965, take you through a brand new story about people and machines and how they have changed the world around us. No lifeless timeline, but exciting discovery stations! On Museum Night, personalise your handkerchief in preparation for cold season, warm up next to the smith’s fire in the winter garden, enjoy the latest show in Ciné Palace, or dance to the many beats pulsing throughout the museum. How would you feel about a merengue machine, for example? Creators’ collective Nerdlab, inspired by the old machines, is bringing their own installation, as well. And the icing on the cake? A breath-taking panoramic view of downtown Ghent! Young children are also welcome from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. for a family-friendly Children’s Museum Night. December 6th, you say? We’ll be sure to make a new beard for Saint Nicholas!
Minnemeers 10

‘Schoonvolk’, de jongerencrew van het MSK schaakt het museum! Met fluiterpoëzie, een kunstige speeddate, barokke personages en een heuse mystery guest, zetten deze jongeren het museum naar hun hand.
MuSiKa' is een unieke samenwerking tussen het Museum en De Centrale. Tijdens de Museumnacht kan je Shalan Alhamwy en Ehsan Yadollahi opnieuw aan het werk horen. Ze spelen live bij een aantal kunstwerken waarvoor ze de muziek schreven. En wie niet genoeg kan krijgen van de ‘Dames van de Barok’, nodigen we uit om een barokke tekening te maken aan onze tekentafel, of een selfie te maken met één van de attributen in de photobooth.
Fernand Scribedreef 1, Citadelpark

Museum Dr. Guislain
Sensations – Between Passion and Pain
Awaken your senses and let the art and objects of the Dr. Guislain Museum excite you. Besides a visit to the Sensations – Between Passion and Pain expo, be inspired by the musical interventions of GO! Kunstacademie Gent as they improvise to a few pieces from the exhibition. Wisper will also occupy several rooms that evening for a wide variety of workshops in-between art and insanity.
Jozef Guislainstraat 43